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To be eligible for AMIEF Accreditation and certification, the education

provider, institution or organization  must administer continuing education and/or training programs activities, courses, programs, or other learning events according to AMIEF standards, procedures and requirements

AMIEF eligibility criteria have been established to promote a consistent supplication of programs and to ensure the value of programs across the public safety community. In all cases, the Commission will serve as the final authority in determining the eligibility of agencies, institutions and organizations to participate in its accreditation or other programs


In addition, the applying organization must meet each of the Eligibility

criteria and provides specific feedback on the criteria which the applicant

does not meet, and demonstrate sufficient resources in terms of finances,

leadership, constituent support, and depth of planning to show promise

of moving on to candidacy certification within the time frames

To meet the necessary AMIEF requirements, a prospective organization seeking accreditation should follow certain considerations before formally applying and must:

• Operating under legal conditions

• All educational activities, courses and programs administered by an  individual or group should meet the AMIEF Standards for Continuing Education and Training

• Determine the desirability of membership and/or certification through discussion with top management, relevant parties.

• Can provide documentation required by the application and site visit process

• Provide a well- defined organizational structure that assigns  responsibility for administering continuing education and training programs and activities 

• Review AMIEF standards, guidelines and expectations

• Follow written policies and processes that comply with the AMIEF Standards

• Contact the AMIEF office for help or further information

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