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Accreditation is a symbol of excellence recognized worldwide by students, educators, and employers.

It is the process of evaluating the competence of a conformity assessment body

AMIEF is an independent third-party entity, declares that  the specified

education provider qualifications and materials has met

AMIEF requirements, procedures, conformity assessment and standards

 to perform certain functions

AMIEF accreditation and certification follows the international

official standards for continuing education and training programs, besides,

AMIEF is a part of the training and educational providers’ programs, which 

will save them money, time and staff resources

 AMIEF  accreditation can raise the standards for education in an industry

or profession at no additional cost to the regulatory agency

Regional Accreditation

Regional Accreditation is a form of AMIEF accreditation that involves a comprehensive review of all institutional functions which includes the institution, programs, trainers and trainees

Institutional accreditation

Institutional accreditation is the second type of accreditation that focuses on institutions specialized areas of study. This accreditation covers all types of study areas

Professional Accreditation

Professional Accreditation is the third type of accreditation, which focuses on programs in a specific discipline within an institution, but does not evaluate the entire institution


AMIEF supports these following accreditation areas through its specialized affiliated bodies:

healthcare and hospitals, law and human rights, homeland security, world sports, arts, media and creativity, tourism and hospitality, industrial, and professional studies accreditation

AMIEF accreditation means that you receive quality international recognition that promotes best practices in education, and directly involves the faculty and

staff in self-assessment and continuous quality improvement processes

AMIEF Accreditation is granted at the completion of a peer review process, and assures the educational community, the public, and other organizations that an accredited institution has met high standards of quality and effectiveness

Specialized accreditation exists in the fields of education, law, healthcare, industry, business, economics, management, political science, humanities, and more than 100 other disciplines. Most specialized accreditation committees require regional accreditation as a foundation for their reviews


With AMIEF Accreditation, you will gain both professionalism and recognition, with the best international standards. AMIEF provides learners with the Assurance of quality programming and Assurance of standards based record keeping. AMIEF also Assures that the education providers meet a rigorous standard for excellence, increase credibility, and provide a systemized self-assessment.

AMIEF Assures that the training providers have dedicated the resources to provide meaningful learning,  documented a commitment to continuous learning and improvement,

administrative and operational effectiveness 

AMIEF accredited providers programs are carefully evaluated and peer reviewed, to improve morale, pride and provide local recognition of professional competence

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