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AMIEF Accreditation and Certification Process evaluates the quality of training and provides support, advice and recognized independent accreditation and certification compatible

with global AMIEF principles, procedures and requirements for education

providers, institutions, materials and professionals.

AMIEF also offers the opportunity for education providers and professionals to undertake Continuing Educational Professional Development trainings through courses,

seminars, webinars, and events regardless of industry sector, career

level, job role and responsibilities

Accreditation of your  Program(s)

The accreditation process is an

external review of the organizations

ability to provide the highest quality certification programs,

including the organization's mission, instructor qualifications, and programs 

Once your organization's

recommendation is approved, the Commission will issue

a certificate of accreditation

to your organization


Maintaining Accreditation

An organization awarding AMIEF Continuing Education and Training Programs Accreditation under its name is responsible for continually ensuring that the process for development and delivery of training activities, courses and programs continue to meet all of the AMIEF Standards for Continuing Education and Training category elements, even after accreditation

To maintain your accreditation through any of our accreditation divisions, your organization must remain a member in good standing within during the accreditation period

Completing an annual update is part of the process, the Annual Update is used to monitor changes within your organization's Continuing Education and Training Unit and to ensure your organization remains in compliance with AMIEF terms and conditions and Standards.

Renewing Accreditation

To ensure that an organization continues to meet quality of continuous education and training practices, AMIEF requires that education provider reapply for accreditation every year

The initial accreditation of your association’s certification program is valid for 12

months, to renew the accreditation, we will follow a process like that of the

initial application and evaluation process if no major changes happened. Your accreditation

will be renewed for another 12 months period 

AMIEF aims to ensure that all Education Providers remain current and consistent with the most correct version of the AMIEF Standards

Learn the step-by-step process that an organization seeking to obtain the status of Accredited/ certified Provider



The first step is to contact us to discuss the program of interest and identify

whether it is the wright program for your organization, you may reach us via

phone or email  at

we will be happy to discuss your

accreditation requirements with no obligations as this is a free consultation 


Once you have decided on the right accreditation program for your organization, you can complete and submit the application form along with the required supporting documents. Once the application has been approved our assessment team will visit your organization to make an on-site visit

Assessment team members are chosen with regard for the unique characteristics of the institution and program(s) to be evaluated 

Self-Assessment Report

The Self-Evaluation Report (SER)

The SER is not simply a collection of comprehensive data and information about your organization but must reflect a

strong valuation of the operation, its strengths and weaknesses. This evaluation

is supposed to be a vital experience which produces substantial understanding

for improvement. This assessment is expected to bring you to reassess the

organizations objectives, resources, programs, policies, procedures, and achievements

Review Process

After our team has reviewed and verified the submitted documentation, the

Division Assessment team will visit your site to examine and verify that your

certification and institution operations meet or exceed industry norms  

During this site visit we will meet with staff, verify processes, facilities, security and operational efficiency

If any deficiencies or omissions in processes are observed, our team will make corrective recommendations

Once the Assessment team finds that your

certification program meets the program standards after any corrective

measures have been adopted, the team will make a recommendation of

approval to the Commission 

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