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The AMIEF application and review is a rigorous process that involves extensive hands-on

evaluation by the AMIEF commission

After the agency has met the AMIEF Core Commitments to Institutional Capacity, Educational

Effectiveness, Requirements, and has been successfully reviewed under

AMIEF Standards, they can move further to the application process and apply

The AMIEF Commission ensures that the application status is evaluated, reviewed and the

organization meets the standards and requirements to be approved 

Organizations that have been approved as an AMIEF Accredited Provider are best of the best 

Applying to AMIEF accreditation will give organizations

the opportunity to benchmark their operations

against the AMIEF Standards, and get the opportunity

to internally evaluate and find opportunities to strengthen

every aspect of their continuing education and

training operations and programs, from learning

needs and outcomes to control systems to assessment criteria


Once the agency formally submits the letter of intent, completes the AMIFF application, then the AMIEF Commission reviews the organization’s application to determines if its policies and processes are compliant with AMIEF Standards. AMIEF Commission reviews the application information, Eligible Applications are reviewed by specialized committee within the applicant scope of certification. The Commission takes care to maintain integrity and professionalism of its accreditation and other programs

The entire application process from receipt of application to final accreditation determination typically takes a period, depending on how much, if any, additional information is requested from the applicant and the scheduling of the site visit 

After the initial review of the application, the Commission will either approve the applicant for a site visit or request additional information.

IF the Commission approves the application for a site visit, the next step towards AMIEF application status is a verification of the accuracy of the information provided in the application at the organization's on-site location

After the site visit, the Commission Site Visitor will make a recommendation to the Commission Lead Reviewer to either approve or deny the applicant. If the applicant is approved, they will be notified by AMIEF staff. If the applicant is denied (either in the initial review stage following multiple review cycles or after the site visit) they will receive a letter from the Commission Chair notifying them of the decision and advising them of possible next steps

How Many Applications Do I Need to File?

Applicants can apply for AMIEF accreditation on behalf of an entire organization or for a specific unit or department of specialization within an organization. What matters, that the provider operates under a single set of policies and processes and possesses authority, responsibility and administrative control over the learning that is offered by the organization 

Each stage of the accreditation and certification process has specific criteria, procedures, and time frames. An institution starting the procedures for certification should carefully consider the requirements for each step to ensure its understanding of the process 

Accreditation Procedures

Letter to AMIEF head office requesting application information or contact directly the Head Office

• Submission of self-assessment checklist, which is intended to provide guidance on your organization's readiness to apply for AMIEF Accreditation

• Submission of initial application and self-assessment

• Review of self-assessment and self- study

• Site visit by a team of specialists and professionals of concerned association.

• Site Team report submitted to AMIEF Commission

• Official approval, recommendation and determination by AMIEF Commission regarding agency accreditation

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