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Welcome to American International Education Federation, AMIEF is among the leading and independent associations providing accreditation, certifications and training programs across many industry sectors to complement the continuing educational and professional development policies of professional institutes and academic bodies.

AMIEF accreditation and certification provides support, advice and recognized independent accreditation compatible with global AMIEF principles. AMIEF developed the original Continuing Education Unit, through being responsible for Planning, Organizing, Controlling, and Coordinating educational processes & procedures in various and training sectors

Becoming an AMIEF Accredited  Provider means delivering value every step of the way from the self-study process to the ongoing

credibility  in the marketplace.

Accreditation with AMIEF provides an opportunity to the academic institutions and education providers to demonstrate their abilities and commitment to maintaining their programs' quality and to ensure that their programs meeting the required professional academic level and meet International quality standards set by that professionals

AMIEF ensures that providers of continuing education and training have the ability to provide high-quality instruction by following the AMIEF Standards for continuing education and training programs through a rigorous accreditation process.

We provide the leading Quality Mark in education, which is used by students, institutions, training centers, trainers and public community as a guarantee of standards. We serve a variety of clients from large professional associations to small continuing education organizations. Our clients cover a variety of specialties across the Globe

With AMIEF accreditation, you will gain both professionalism and recognition, with the best international standards

AMIEF  accredited provider status tells the world you've committed your organization to a rigorous accreditation application and review process, involving extensive hands-on evaluation and verification

Why Accreditation Matters 

The accreditation process is an external review of the organization’s ability to provide the highest quality certification programs, including the organization's mission, Instructor qualifications, and programs

AMIEF provide the opportunity to cover all training centers, and trainer’s specialization areas

AMIEF Standards for continuing education and training is a universal model for learning process excellence. It defines a proven model for developing effective and valuable continuing education and training programs by measuring provider's training program from procedure to process to result. Are you an education provider who seeks to evaluate the quality training? Discover how you can

earn the AMIEF’s Accreditation, you will find the latest information, and documentation required for achieving certification and/or accreditation, along with detailed provided programs and trainings, services and support in our website

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